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River rules, Comal River and Guadalupe River inside the New Braunfels city limits, 2012

As you might have heard, new river rules will be in effect for 2012 on the Comal River and Guadelupe River in New Braunfels, Texas. Most of these rule changes have to do with reducing litter on the river by prohibiting disposable containers on the river and maximum tube size.

So what does that mean? We'll break it down for you.

First of all, you should know the standard rules for the rivers (the older rules, below). In addition, New Braunfels has now made it illegal to posses a disposable container on the Comal or Guadelupe rivers inside the New Braunfels city limits. Think beer can or water bottle. That's easy to get around; just fill up a sports bottle with your favorite beverage and hit the river.

Also, since the double-wide tubes sometimes clogged up the river, tubes are limited to five feet in length at their longest dimension. So you can forget about using the doubles. That makes it easier to get through the Tube Chute, anyway!

Older, still-in-place rules--these rules have been around for awhile:

Water Recreation Rules Comal and Guadalupe Rivers

  • No glass
  • No foam containers
  • No volume drinking devices
  • No containers under 5 fluid oz.
  • Noise devices may not be audible beyond 50 ft.
  • No jumping from bridges, dams, and trees
  • No littering
  • Maximum permitted cooler size is 16 qt. (about the size you can carry easily carry in one hand)
  • Coolers must have a locking mechanism on the lid (zipper, Velcro, latch, cord)
  • One cooler per person
  • Inflatable vessels (tubes and such) may note over 5' in length at the longest point
  • Life jackets are recommended for children under eight and weak swimmers
Comal River Rules
  • Inflatable floatation devices on the Comal River must be less than 5 ft. in diameter or width at the longest point
  • Limit of two tubes per person on the Comal River
  • Canoes and kayaks may not use the Last Tubers Exit on the Comal River on weekends and holidays
Guadalupe River Inside the City Limits of New Braunfels
  • When the river flow on the Guadalupe River is above 500cfs, it is mandatory for all children under eight years of age to wear a life jacket
  • When the river flow on the Guadalupe River is above 750cfs, it is mandatory for all individuals to wear a life jacket
  • When the river flow on the Guadalupe River is above 1000cfs, tubing is not allowed. The only allowed recreation is raft trips and kayaks.
River Entrance and Exit Rules
No open alcoholic containers allowed in River Acres Park, Last Tubers Exit, Cypress Bend Park, Hinman Island Park, and Prince Solms Park

History of New Braunfels

imageOur History

Get the basics on how this Hill Country city was settled.

Of course New Braunfels is known as a summer recreation destination, home to Wurstfest, and a live music mecca, but how much do you know about it's history?


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Written by Dale Martin Wednesday, 24 June 2009 16:16

JAWS Skate Park celebrated their grand opening and the movers and shakers of New Braunfels came out to show their support. Watch the video!

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Locks of Love, Lots of Success

Written by Dale Martin
imageBenefit Show

Evidently five years is the charm for the Locks of Love Benefit Concert since this year’s event was the most successful to date. Local musicians Matt and Stephanie Briggs came up with the idea five years ago and the benefit has continued to grow with each passing year.

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KNBT Crossroads Americana Party

Written by Dale Martin
imageParty in the Park
On Sunday, April 19, KNBT 92.1 FM hosted the 13th Annual Crossroads Americana Party at the dance slab in Landa Park. The laid-back outing featured 3 hot bands, beautiful weather and families enjoying the sights and sounds of New Braunfels.


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