Monday Feb 19

Successful 4th of July Parade!

As they do every year, The Sophienburg Museum and Archives hosted the 4th of July Parade on the Main Plaza in New Braunfels.

Editors Note: This is a followup to our previous article about the parade. The weather was perfect and the turnout was fantastic, both by participants and spectators. The band and singing were great and the speeches were short. A perfect combination.

Click Here to see images from this year's 4th of July parade in downtown New Braunfels.


The parade will start at 9:15 and feature decorated bicycles, trikes, cars, golf carts, motorcycles, wagons, trailers and anything else that people can get to roll or walk down the street.


Quoting Myra Lee Adams Goff, "Historically the first July 4th celebration in New Braunfels goes back to 1846.TheĀ  emigrants had arrived only three months earlier on March 21, 1845 when Texas was still the Republic of Texas. Now in 1846 they could celebrate the national festival commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 because they had become a state of the United States."


So, once again, residents and visitors to New Braunfels will line the streets and enjoy the parade, usually started by the ROTC color guard. After all participants have made the trip around the plaza, there will be a brief program featuring patriotic music and presentations by local dignitaries.

Of course, anyone who has looked at the forecast knows that the weather will probably be hot and dry. So what if we should get an unexpected shower? "We'll all just stand around and get wet and be grateful for it!", exclaimed Museum Director Linda Dietert.

Wear your patriotic colors and come join in the fun!


For more information about particpation, check out the Sophienburg's website page about the event HERE.