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Harmony Sweet opens its doors!

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New Braunfels' new all-ages music venue had it's Grand Opening on Friday, March 6. See video interview with owner Kevin Colis.

Harmony Sweet
When Elizabeth MacDougall and Kevin Colis moved to New Braunfels from Moorpark, CA. in August of 2008, they brought more than just furniture and personal belongings. They brought an idea for a new music venue, one unique to New Braunfels. Today at 6pm, The Harmony Sweet, our first all ages venue will open its doors at 2405 Life Haus Industrial, Suite 213, New Braunfels.

The idea of Harmony Sweet was born in Moorpark, CA in 2002, explained Kevin and Elizabeth. “We had a vision for a space where people of all ages and backgrounds could find a common bond while gathering around art and music. The first location in Moorpark was a huge success and paved the way for two other locations in the neighboring communities of Simi Valley and Canoga Park.

"Over the next 6 years, Kevin and I observed how significant it is for young people to have a safe space to create freely and be supported by their peers in doing so. We watched fears overcome and self worth strengthened as many young people took the stage with their music, shared their poetry, and displayed their artwork for the very first time. We saw many people conquer social boundaries and discover genuine friendships. We hosted many events for charity and watched as the local youth eagerly participated and even organized such events. We had an experience of the positive impact that a space open to all ages and focused entirely on artistic expression can have in a community.”


A Kid Named Thomson made this the first stop on their tour. They left the parking lot to drive overnight to their next gig in Arkansas.

They had visited New Braunfels on vacation for several years and like most of us did, they fell in love with this area. They relocated here in August of 2008 and within a few months saw the need to open a Harmony Sweet in their new city. Finding the perfect space was a challenge but finally came together after meeting Roger Hopkins, the owner of FM 306 Business Park. They put their heads together and came up with a design they feel will fit their dream perfectly.

In addition to Hopkins, many more people have come forward to help with the project. “We are also very grateful for the support of Trent Hanna of, our neighbors Extra Innings batting cages and local artists Jenkins and Matt Cavanaugh, who will have their art work on display throughout the venue. Everyone that we have shared this idea with has given us tremendous moral support that has kept us going through this process. Hundreds of local and regional bands have already expressed interest in participating and we are eager to see what direction this incarnation of Harmony Sweet takes.”

Wii at Harmony Sweet New Braunfels

“Our target audience is age group 14 to 19. Those under 14 need to have a parent or guardian accompany them. We encourage adults that love music and art to come too. Parents are encouraged to come with their children, to see the venue and to be involved. There will be security at both doors, security guards inside and monitoring the parking lot. We know it is a community that truly shapes an idea like Harmony Sweet and are excited about the possibilities.

"Our opening night will be a celebration of music and art. We will feature six bands; Zlam Dunk, Driver F, Altus, A Kid Named Thompson, The Always Already and White Sails.” Doors will open at 6pm with an $8 door charge. No alcohol or smoking is allowed inside the building. See for more info on this exciting new venue.


Interview with Owner Kevin Colis.

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